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San Diego Estate Sales How much does it cost?

Consultations are always free.

There are no up front costs. San Diego Estate Sales works on a percentage basis of the total sale. The fee is deducted from the money collected at the sale.

San Diego Estate Sales Who uses San Diego Estate Sales?

Nearly everyone, from individuals to executors of an estate, and trustees. This includes people who are moving to a retirement or nursing home, out of state, in with a relative, or to smaller quarters. Anyone who needs to sell most of their home contents uses our services.

San Diego Estate Sales Do You Have Sales References?

We have built our reputation on the trust and confidence of our clients. San Diego Estate Sales has provided services for individuals and governmental entities including the Imperial County Public Administrator’s Office. We have a file of reference letters from previous clients available upon request.

San Diego Estate Sales On-premise Sales of Household Effects

We research, evaluate, and price every saleable item in the estate. At times, it becomes necessary to consult with other appraisers and experts. We are affiliated with certified appraisal professionals; we will retain the appropriate experts at no charge to the client. These experts will assist with valuation for pricing and the best market in which to sell these specific items.

Each sale is advertised in local newspapers and other media, including the internet. For each sale, we photograph key items and market them to our large database of customers.

We generally begin working in the home five or more days before the sale begins, depending on the size of the sale. Through organization and display, we present the material on-premise to maximize its marketibility. Jewelry and other small collectables, for example, are presented in special display cases. When necessary, crowd control procedures are provided. We will arrange for any unsold items to be donated to the charity designated by the estate thereby gaining valuble tax-deduction benefits. Upon completion of the sale, the premises is “broom cleaned”

Upon the completion of each sale, a full written report is provided. Every item and sale price is recorded and provided to the client.